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The section strives to enhance the status of and provide opportunities to LGBT attorneys and their allies, and to advocate for the TBA's participation on issues of concern to members. Learn more, contact Jenny Jones at

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Obama Honors Civil Rights Sites with Federal Designations

President Barack Obama signed an order yesterday designating three civil rights related sites as national monuments. They are: a downtown section of Birmingham, Alabama, that includes the 16th Street Baptist Church, where four black girls were killed in a Ku Klux Klan bombing; a bus station in Anniston, Alabama, where a group of “freedom riders” were attacked; and the site of a post-Civil War community of freed slaves near Beaufort County, South Carolina. The National Park Service will oversee these new areas as part of the federal park system, National Public Radio reports.

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California Bans State Travel to Tennessee

A law in California banning state-sponsored travel to Tennessee has gone into effect, the Times Free Press reports. California passed the ban last year, after Tennessee approved a law that allows counselors and therapists to reject clients whose goals are at odds with the professionals’ “sincerely held beliefs.” The law was considered by many to be an affront to the LGBT community. California has also approved travel bans on North Carolina, Mississippi and Kansas for their actions on LGBT-related issues.

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